KORI Team Activities

Photocopying and Phone calls - (08/07/30)

Today I continued working on my contact list, I've been gathering most of my information from the internet but it's not so giving anymore. I can't find the information I need so I got on the phone and made some calls. I'll be doing more of that tomorrow.

My supervisor also asked me to photocopy this 300 and something page book, it's going to take me forever but I got started on it. I'm working my way from the back to the front as he suggested, it is easier that way, haha.

Have a good evening everyone.

Videos Redux 08.07.30

I have made some modifications to several videos already posted online.  I found out the proper names of several people talking and also even corrected a few spelling errors in the navigation.  So I worked those out, and I've been looking around for other interesting ways to have the navigation easier.  I'm posting another video later today when/if it's done encoding.  Wish me luck...

(08 07 29) Back in the Office and Back on the Road

Dr. Seth Agbo and I are traveling to Sioux Lookout tomorrow to meet with Brian Beaton and Darrin Potter as part of the KiHS Research Project.  The project is a major project to research best practices and lessons learned at KiHS.  It will focus on documenting the voice of community members who provided the original vision for KiHS in the early days of SMART.  To see a photo, click here.

Presenting: Kurry the Semi-Great!!! (29/07.2008)

I found out some good news yesterday.  I entered in a screenplay competition last year and didn't ultimately win.  But what I did find out was that I was very close to it.  Not 3rd or 4th, but rather I was a semi-finalist, ranking somewhere around 36th place.  But hey, it was out of approximately 1200 scripts entered.  It tells me I'm on the right track on my goals.  Especially when I have been questioning whether or not this is what I want to still keep doing.

07/25/08 media player priority

I've been trying to get my hands on this report "HealthMap: Global Infectious Disease Monitoring through Automated Classification and Visualization of Internet Media Reports", it describes the design principles, software architecture and implementation of HealthMap. An application used to alert global infection diseases, I'm not interested in deadly global diseases, I should be worried but its the software, the text processing algorithms used that I find interesting.

We've added a special little feature to the media player, its a hidden game nothing like doom or halo or anything that you would do on a Wii console, this one was revolutionary in its time. Find it and enjoy.