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KO Education boardroom meeting (08/08/13 - 08/08/15)

Getting close to finishing my contact list. It's mainly the KO and NAN first Nations that Brian is more concerned about, the other communities can wait as I go down the list in alphabetical order.

I've been keeping busy for the past two days with the KO Education boardroom meeting. I was being a good hostess, and providing snacks and refreshments. I also helped them with anything they needed.

I posted pictures onto our website.

Have a good weekend !

Learning new things (08/08/08 - 08/08/12)

Franz has been asking me to think of things that I would like to learn more about before my time is up here at the K.O. Research Institute. I've been learning a lot of things in my time here, but I'd like to learn more about how to design websites. The two day workshop gave me some pointers on how to begin, it's just the action I need now. Franz suggested I contact either James or Brian Rae from North Spirit Lake for access to the North Spirit Lake Site, that would be awesome ! Updating the website for my community, it would be real cool.

Anyway, my contact list has been keeping me busy. I'm doing a combination of finding the information online or calling a variety of band offices. It's fun discovering how many communities there are and knowing what categories they fall into, KO, NAN, etc.

Duties at the KORI Office - (08/07/31) - (08/08/07)

I've been at my worst when it comes to putting in my daily entries, I guess I could call it a weakness although it is one of the most simple tasks that one is given. I'd like to apologize once again though for my inability to carry out such a simple task.

On that note, I've been spending my time making phone calls in relation to my contact list. I've also been doing other tasks such as photocopying, faxing, and doing a bit of filing. I've been doing a secretary role as well, greeting people and leading them to the boardroom for their conference and what not. I have more photocopying to do today.

Photocopying and Phone calls - (08/07/30)

Today I continued working on my contact list, I've been gathering most of my information from the internet but it's not so giving anymore. I can't find the information I need so I got on the phone and made some calls. I'll be doing more of that tomorrow.

My supervisor also asked me to photocopy this 300 and something page book, it's going to take me forever but I got started on it. I'm working my way from the back to the front as he suggested, it is easier that way, haha.

Have a good evening everyone.

Breeze Room Meeting and Contact list (08/07/21 - 08/07/23)

I am currently working on my list, I think it's coming along okay. I had some minor problems with it but nothing that I couldn't handle. One thing is for sure, being organized has definitely paid off.

I participated in a meeting yesterday with my co-workers who are in the YICT program, we were discussing how and where they are going to send equipment. Jordan and I will be responsible for setting up this new equipment here at the KORI office, the Matawa building and at the NAN office. We met with Rob Wesley from Matawa today and took pictures of where the equipment is going to be set up and discussed how we're going to do it.

Have a good evening all.