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(04 28 09) - Grand Chief's Greetings via Video Cnference

On tuesday april 28, 2009, KORI's Brian Walmark hosted Community Based Research Training Workshops in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. Grand Chief Stan Beardy was able to participate to do greetings and opening remarks for the workshops via video conference from the Travelodge Airlane in Thunder Bay. Mark Kakegamic and Stan Loone were on site at the Travelodge Airlane to set up the video conference unit and to provide techinical support for this event. Thank you to the Travelodge Airlane for their support.

(09 02 06) Video Conference Language Workshops

KORI hosted 6 Ojibwe & Ojicree language workshops which were broadcast via videoconference to other Keewaytinook Okimakanak locations. Beginners and experts alike, staff were invited over lunch hour to the boardrooms to attend 6 fun videoconference language workshops. These workshops took place January 13 - 29 on Tuesdays and Thursdays of every week from 12pm cst - 1pm cst. Laura James who is a member of Mcdowell Lake First Nation was the instructor for these workshops along with Emma Oskineegish a member of Nibinamik who recited legends in Ojibwe.  These workshops focused on introduction to conversation, numbers, commands and syllabics.  Sites in Sioux Lookout and Balmertown were connected with sites and staff fully participating and interacting with one another. KORI would like to thank Laura James and Emma Oskineegish for their time and valuable instructions.

(20 08 08) Not 5, not 4, neither 2, but 3 NEW VIDEOS!!!

Continuing with showcasing the DERAC series, I have posted 3 new videos for the second session.  I've had to fight the computer from breaking down yet again, and have been faced with waiting for the computer to render out the videos.  Which have been taking more and more time.  These videos are getting challenging to edit mainly because there's so much good information in the videos, it's hard to select a portion of them.  These videos are designed to give you, the great people, a little taste of the sessions.  For the complete videos in the DERAC Sessions, please head on over to:

(19 08 08) Not 2, not 3, neither 4, but 5 NEW VIDEOS!!!

My apologies for the tardiness of uploading videos, but last week my computer was under the weather.  A virus found its way onto it and I've spent a few days trying to get it well again, but alas, Jordon came to the rescue yet again.  So, I've mamaged to edit 5 new videos from the first session of the DERAC series and have added them to the KORI MEDIA Player.  They're listed under "EDUCATION" and have a look...

08/07/31 2 new videos!!!

I posted another 2 videos in the digital storytelling series on the KORI media player.  After a bit of a wait to get some feedback on it and dealing with those, which took me an additional 2 minutes, the two new ones are up.  I even had to contact two people to ask who presented that day.  Thanks to them, Susan O'Donnell, and Rudy from Wikwemikong!  Without that the video would have looked less professional without the speaker's names.