e-Community NAISA Presentations

KO shared 8 presentations at the International NAISA Conference in Saskatoon June 2013. There were delegates from around the world that shared their communities research. We met lots of groups who share similar challenges and learned new and innovative methods for overcomming those challenges. Chief Rita Thompson of North Spirit Lake also joined the KO team to share her community's story. We are reminded of the sucesses of the KO communities and how their programs are seen as world class. We are proud to continue to share the story and learn from others in partnership with First Nation Innovation and our new Research Associate: Brian Beaton.


Telehealth Services in Remote First Nations: The Case of Keewaytinook Okimakanak Telemedicine (KOTM) Orpah McKenzie, Tina Kakepetum-Shultz
Creating, Owning, and Controlling First Nation Data Management Systems in Remote and Rural Schools Brian Beaton, KO-KNET Associate
Building Online Drinking Water Surveillance Infrastructure in First Nation Communities Peter Campbell, Barry Strachan KO; Dongxin Hu, A.U.G. Signals Ltd.

Keewaytinook Mobile: Building, Owning, Managing Cell Phone Service in Remote Indigenous Communities. Brian Beaton, KO-KNET Associate

Keewaytinook Internet High School - Building Online Education Environments in Remote First Nations. Darrin Potter, KIHS

How North Spirit Lake First Nation is Developing their e-Community. Penny Carpenter, KO-KNET; Chief Rita Thompson, North Spirit Lake First Nation; Susan O'Donnell, University of New Brunswick
Promoting and Supporting Entrepreneurship in Remote First Nations: the Owner-Operator Training Model Franz Seibel, Keewaytinook Okimakanak Research Institute