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List of Journals with First Nation Innovation

Journal of Community Informatics


K-Net and Canadian Aboriginal Communities

The K-Net Experience: Thematic Introduction to the Special Issue

Community-based broadband organizations and video communications for remote and rural First Nations in Canada

Connectivity in Canada's Far North: Participatory Evaluation in Ontario's Aboriginal Communities

A history of everyday communication by community members of Fort Severn First Nation: from hand deliveries to virtual pokes

KiHS: Bridging the Traditional and Virtual Classroom in Canada's First Nation Schools

Voices from the Margins: The Muskekowuck Athinuwick/ Cree People of Northern Ontario and the Management of Wabusk/ Polar Bear

How the Washaho Cree Nation at Fort Severn Is Using a 'First Mile Approach' To Deliver Community Services

A New Remote Community-Owned Wireless Communication Service: Fort Severn First Nation Builds Their Local Cellular System with Keewaytinook Mobile

Telecommunications Policy

Communication, Cooperation, Participation: Research andPractice for a Sustainable Future 

Giving Voice to Bear: Cree Observations and Documentation of Wabusk in Ontario: Research Report

Report From the Field: The RICTA Meeting Video

Editorial: K-Net, Community Informatics and Service Delivery: An Evolving Paradigm How Northern Ontario`s First Nations Communities Made Themselves At Home On The World Wide Web

The Kuh-Ke-Nah broadband governance model: How social enterprise shaped internet services to accommodate indigenous community ownership in Northwestern Ontario, Canada (circa 1997 to 2007)

A Community-based Model for e-Servicing in First Nations Communities: Water Treatment in Northern Ontario The Keewaytinook Okimakanak Approach

Out from the Edges: Multi-site Videoconferencing as a Public Sphere in First Nations

Digital Divides and the `First Mile`: Framing First Nations Broadband Development in Canada

Implementation of Information and Communication Technology in Aboriginal Communities: A Social Capital Perspective

How K-Net and Atlantic Canada`s First Nation Help Desk are Using Videoconferencing for Community Development

A New Remote COmmunity-Owned Wireless Communication Service: Fort Severn First Nation Builds Their Local Cellular System with Keewaytinook Mobile

Broadband Video Communication Research in First Nation Communities

In Seach of Community Champions: Researching the Outcomes of K-Net`s Youth Information and Communications Technology Training Initiatives