(20 08 08) Not 5, not 4, neither 2, but 3 NEW VIDEOS!!!

Continuing with showcasing the DERAC series, I have posted 3 new videos for the second session.  I've had to fight the computer from breaking down yet again, and have been faced with waiting for the computer to render out the videos.  Which have been taking more and more time.  These videos are getting challenging to edit mainly because there's so much good information in the videos, it's hard to select a portion of them.  These videos are designed to give you, the great people, a little taste of the sessions.  For the complete videos in the DERAC Sessions, please head on over to: http://meeting.knet.ca/moodle/course/view.php?id=20

The Meeting place isn't really active, but it'll give you more information.  Oh, I also created a written tutorial of my work process for a couple coworkers.  I'm not the kind of person that likes to keep secrets about my work processes, and also they've been asking me to show them.  Which I'll still be showing them, but I've created a handout for future reference.