Learning new things (08/08/08 - 08/08/12)

Franz has been asking me to think of things that I would like to learn more about before my time is up here at the K.O. Research Institute. I've been learning a lot of things in my time here, but I'd like to learn more about how to design websites. The two day workshop gave me some pointers on how to begin, it's just the action I need now. Franz suggested I contact either James or Brian Rae from North Spirit Lake for access to the North Spirit Lake Site, that would be awesome ! Updating the website for my community, it would be real cool.

Anyway, my contact list has been keeping me busy. I'm doing a combination of finding the information online or calling a variety of band offices. It's fun discovering how many communities there are and knowing what categories they fall into, KO, NAN, etc.

I recently also learned how to "hook up the internet." Franz gave me and the other summer student lessons on how to get the cord ready. It was kind of hard for me with my long nails and clumsy hands. Haha, but I pulled it off. Have a good evening all.