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KO Telemedicine looking at university health career entry program

KO Telemedicine is working with Lakehead University to develop an Aboriginal University Entry Program for Health Careers.“We always wanted to work together with Lakehead University to deliver education through videoconferencing,” says Gibbet Stevens, KO Telemedicine’s education coordinator, noting that Lakehead University is already offering a pilot program for the 2007/08 school year that delivers two of the Native Nursing Entry Program’s six-and-a-half courses, Communication and Study Skills, by videoconference.

Telemedicine Saved My Leg

George Kenny saved by Telemedicine Rick Garrick “Telehealth saved my leg.”

George Kenny clearly remembers the day in 2003 when his leg was saved by a specialist in Winnipeg after a Telemedicine examination showed that his swollen leg was due to an infection that spread from a baker’s cyst behind his calf.