Trillium Fund Applications Due March 1, 2010

Ontario Trillium Fundation Prorities for 2010 are enhanced success for students, healthier and more physically active communities, enhanced employment and economic potential for workers and families, more effective volunteers. The OTF has an abbreviated application for capital grants under $15,000. There is also the Community Program Grant Application which provides support over five years of up to $75,000/year and $150,000 for capital.

Community Anniversaries and Festivals Proposal Due Sept 30

Canada Heritage funds re-occuring festivals celebrating cultural events with local artists and performers that are open to everyone. Funding up to $200,000 is available for First Nations to organize festivals including equipment rental, food, expenses for bands and artists. Excluded is coordination wages, equipment, administration and travel.  Contact 1-800-749-7641
Festivals Application 


CCPF Applications Due Oct 15, 2009

The Creative Communities Prosperity Fund (CCPF) will support municipalities and organizations that increase local capacity for a wide range of initiatives in undertaking Municipal Cultural Planning (MCP) and integrate cultural planning with land-use planning and economic development.  Applicants are encouraged to work with one or more partners.  If there are one or more partners for the project, one organization must act as the lead applicant for funding.

Deadline: October 15, 2009

Amount: Two funding streams are available.

Stream 1: Municipalities & First Nations; eligibile applicants must be an Ontario municipality or First Nation. Ministry will fund a perentage of total eligible project costs, to a maximum of $100,000, as follows:

CORDA Applications Due Oct 1, 2009

The Canada Ontario Resource Development Agreement (CORDA) promotes resource and economic development initiatives of First Nations' members by providing financial assistance to develop and utilize renewable natural resources. Funding is provided through Indian Affairs and Northern Development Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Keewaytinook Centre of Excellence surprises Northwestern Ontario Water & Wastewater Conference

By Rick Garrick Jan. 2008

Paul Otis surprised delegates with his unscheduled presentation on the Keewaytinook Centre of Excellence's training programs at the 2007 Northwestern Ontario Water & Wastewater Conference.

"It was like we turned on a light for many of the people at the Northwestern Ontario Water & Wastewater Conference," says Otis, the former program manager of the Keewaytinook Centre of Excellence who has been seconded by the newly created Regional First Nations Water Services Agency - Anishinaabeg Kakenwaydemiwatch Nepi (AKN). "It was amazing that people in Thunder Bay just don't realize how many First Nation communities there are in the region. They all have water systems and water treatment plants."