On Demand Book Service


Hello I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Renee Loyie.  I am a summer student at Keewaytinook Okimakanank Research Institute in Thunder Bay.  I am  reviewing the On Demand Book Service that can be accessed on the portal on the Knet website. 

I have found that the ODBS Site has a lot to offer in terms of youth and children's books to be printed off the website. This promotes literacy for remote First Nation communities and including other communities that may pursue an interest in the ODBS website.

The equipment to print the books is a MFP HP Color LaserJet series the features on this printer are as follows making copies, faxing, scanning and the best feature is the awesome color quality when printing books.   I have printed off books such as; How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? By Jane Yolen and Mark Teague as well as Cinderella by George Routledge and Sons the books are found on the ODBS website.  The printer's main attraction features is definitely the color quality. From experience the use of the printer and printing children's books I would like to comment that the color features are outstanding.  The Performance Thermal Binder goes with the printer and works to perfection and is the final step to building your book. 

However, the review of the children's books are archived on this site are books that were published in the 1900's and are only accessible because the copyright is expired.  When reviewing these books like Tom Sawyer and Cinderella I want to express the books are not current.  When comparing to the other books that are available online and in local libraries.

I would like to mention that the story line of the books reviewed on the ODBS website are not tempting to read and the illustrations, pictures are very weak in details of the story line.

I believe that this On Demand Book Site has great potential to launch a series of current issues of children's books and books for any age group that are appealing to the public while promoting literacy.  The focus should be current books for children including any age group that would be enjoyable to read. 

As a child I remember books being read by my father that introduced me to books like The Giving Tree, by Shell Silverstien. This book is still a favorite of mine.  There are no online books like this offered on the ODBS website and how to go about finding Authors that will offer to put their books on this ODBS website is another challenge.  This answers the question to why there are only books that are published in the early 1900's versus the present.

I believe that promoting literacy is essential and begins with the best selection or series of books that will engage families, teachers and children to actively embrace the story.  I also feel that reading and selecting books for a child or class promotes another avenue of reading relationships because books are the primary resource in captivates the mind of a child or any age while expands the imagination and creativity and the educational experience to discover of a world of books for any age.

The next step  I would like to pursue is to  ask the teachers and children and families what they like to read in their libraries in respect to culturally appropriate literature for all ages and if they may have any suggestions for the On Demand Book Site.

Here is the link to the ODBS website: