CCPF Applications Due Oct 15, 2009

The Creative Communities Prosperity Fund (CCPF) will support municipalities and organizations that increase local capacity for a wide range of initiatives in undertaking Municipal Cultural Planning (MCP) and integrate cultural planning with land-use planning and economic development.  Applicants are encouraged to work with one or more partners.  If there are one or more partners for the project, one organization must act as the lead applicant for funding.

Deadline: October 15, 2009

Amount: Two funding streams are available.

Stream 1: Municipalities & First Nations; eligibile applicants must be an Ontario municipality or First Nation. Ministry will fund a perentage of total eligible project costs, to a maximum of $100,000, as follows:

  • Population over 20,000 up to 50%   
  • Polulation under 20, 000 up to 80%

Stream 2: Non-profit organizations; eligible applicants must be an incorporated non-profit organization.  Ministry will fund up to 50% of total eligible project costs, to amaximum of $150,000.

Eligible Project Examples:

Stream 1:

  • Developing commmunity engagement strategies
  • Mapping of local cultural resources
  • Hiring of expertise to guide MCP process
  • Training of staff in MCP
  • Reasearch and Evaluation

Stream 2:

  • Building capacity in local culture sectors to support MCP
  • Undertaking research to advance MCP 
  • Planning and implementing municipal cultural planning events that combine cultural fields (e.g. arts, cultural industries, heritage, libraries
  • Building local leadership and governance to support MCP through training, tools, resources and other services.
  • Hiring staff to deliver professional development, training, consulting and/or capacity building services and events for Municipal Cultural Planning.

Contact & Submit to: Michelle Jones, Culture Programs Advisor
Culture Programs Unit
Programs and Services Branch
Ontario Ministry of Culture
400 University Ave., 4th Floor
Toronto ON, M7A 2R9
Tel: 1(416) 314-5171
Fax: 1(416) 314-7175

 Attached is the application and guidelines


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