CORDA Applications Due Oct 1, 2009

The Canada Ontario Resource Development Agreement (CORDA) promotes resource and economic development initiatives of First Nations' members by providing financial assistance to develop and utilize renewable natural resources. Funding is provided through Indian Affairs and Northern Development Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Deadline: October 1, 2009
Amount: $35,000
Eligible Project Examples: commercial fishing, fur trapping, forestry, traditional harvesting and non-timber forest products, deer, moose, barren-ground caribou, and bear hide utilization, sports fishing and hunting, including assistance to guides and outfitters, fishing and hunting for domestic use, commercial recreation, processing and marketing of products derived from renewable natural resources, environmental projects relating to resource development, renewable natural resource planning.

Contact: Luke Hunter 1.866.737.0737

Submit to: CORDA Office,
123 Paudash Street RR 2 Keene, ON K0L 2G0
Facsimile: 705-295-4424

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