07/14/09 ONWA Summer Students

 Good day everybody and welcome to the KORI website. During this summer of 2009, we have 3 summer students that are involved in the YICT program. First to introduce is Renee Loyie. She is a university student attending Lakehead University, she will be working here as a Health Researcher student placement and taking part in the YICT program. Secondly to introduce is Brooke Kakepetum who is also currently employed here at KORI in the YICT program. She is a highschool student who will be attending Superior Secondary High School she is very eager to learn new things from the YICT program and things done through KORI. Thirdly, is myself, Melissa Kakepetum.  I will be attending Confederation College in the fall and I am also involved in the YICT program as a summer student.

The YICT program is an opportunity for students to get introduced to training in the Information Communication Technology industry. The program involves updating and working with the First Nation Communities databases, webpage development, computers and video conference units. Working here at the KORI office in Thunder Bay has been a very resourceful experience for us all. We have experienced and learned a variety of projects, such as writing summaries, researching, databases, computer technology, as well as video-conferencing and skills that will help us for future reference. The staff members here at KORI are very helpful, encouraging, and supportive. Everyday is a new learning experience for all 3 of us here at KORI and we all only hope for the best while working here at the KORI office in Thunder Bay.

Here is a link our photogallery: