(08 11 10) KORI Hosts Strength Aproaches Conference

Over 20 communities participated in the ONLINE event held Nov 6-7, 2008 discussing mental health and youth.  This is the third such event that the Centres of Excellence for Children and Youth with Special Needs have partnered with KO on to deliver to northern communities. KO Telemedicine's network attracted many regional and remote sites that K-Net's Lyle Jonhson was able to bridge throughout the two days. We are pleased with the importance that the COE places on video conferencing. Coordinator Jodi Kurzals, has developed video conference etiquette and speaking guides with KORI's Franz Seibel that motivated persenters to invite remote sites in discussions. The remote sites are very much a part of the conference and have access to handouts, resources and archives through the Strength Aproaches Conference website