LET's TALK: Creating Culturally Appropriate Curriculum with First Nations Schools on-line workshop (November 12)

KORI is facilitating an on-line workshop to promote discussion on creating a culturally appropriate curriculum with First Nations Schools on November 12 at 2:30 Eastern 1:30 Central Time.

Do First Nations students need a culturally appropriate curriculum to achieve their educational goals? What is explicitly or implicitly left out of the mainstream curriculum that First Nations students need to learn? How does a culturally appropriate curriculum prepare First Nations for the challenges they will face as future leaders of their communities? How can communities lead the process to develop a curriculum that speaks to the needs of their students? To address these questions and more, a panel of recognized leaders in the development and deployment of culturally appropriate curriculum in Canada has been assembled. Peter Garrow, the Director of Education for the Assembly of First Nations, transformed the environment of the Ahkwesahsne Mohawk Board of Education during his eight year tenure as Director of Education. Pam Burton of Chiefs of Ontario has developed culturally appropriate curriculum about residential schools, the treaty making process and substance abuse. Darren Lentz is an award winning classroom teacher who has developed culturally appropriate curriculum in outdoor education, technology and science. And, Roy Morris, the project coordinator of Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre in Sioux Lookout, leads a team of First Nations educators who are transforming Ministry-approved guidelines into culturally appropriate curriculum with remote and isolated First Nations schools in Ontario’s far north.

The event will be streamed. Video conferencing is available upon request. Talk to your video conference technician if you want to host a site in your community. On-line registration is required, Contact Brian Walmark at 1-877-737-5638 ex, 1261 or click here to check out the workshop meeting place.