08 09 18 Privacy Fundamentals

Franz Seibel participated in a Privacy Informaiton session via video conference based on material from nU of Waterloo eHealth Privacy Program, nFNC/NAHO Privacy Program  & nONe-Health Privacy & Security Policy Training . The session covered  an overview of privacy in data collection, analysis and disposal. There was also details concerning the OCAP princials & CSA Privacy Code, much of which KORI has implemented in its Community Research Standards, however, the Privacy Impact Assessment is a document that should be developed with the communities and used qualitify and record how KORI abides by proper privacy guidlines in our projects. KOTM now has a privacy officer and some next steps in understnading what the communities need in relation to their privacy. Thanks to Donna for including KORI in this session, we hope to be apart of these discussions so that KORI can be more respectful in research.

Excerpt from the presentation -

Fair Information Practices in First Nations Communities are based on:

The CSA Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information (CSA Privacy Code) for individual privacy
2.Defined Purposes
4.Limiting Collection
5.Limiting Use, Disclosure, Retention
9.Individual Access
10.Challenging Compliance

Ownership, Control, Access and Possession (OCAP) Principles for collective privacy