Duties at the KORI Office - (08/07/31) - (08/08/07)

I've been at my worst when it comes to putting in my daily entries, I guess I could call it a weakness although it is one of the most simple tasks that one is given. I'd like to apologize once again though for my inability to carry out such a simple task.

On that note, I've been spending my time making phone calls in relation to my contact list. I've also been doing other tasks such as photocopying, faxing, and doing a bit of filing. I've been doing a secretary role as well, greeting people and leading them to the boardroom for their conference and what not. I have more photocopying to do today.

Next week is going to be busy ! Wow... Lyle will be coming down to train me and Jordan, we'll be learning how to hook up the new video conference equipment that we recieved. I also have the opportunity to go on a road trip to Rocky Bay to hook up internet, and there's a video conference next week that is very important. It's on health and education, I believe.

Anyway, I have to go and photocopy now. Have a good day all !