Contact list and Video Conference (08/06/07 - 08/06/11)

Good afternoon !

I spent my week working on my contact list for my supervisor. I had difficulties downloading some particular programs that will assist me when the time comes to proof-read and finalize the data I have gathered from the various communities up north. I decided that it would be easier for me to browse through the websites provided by these First Nations to record the information required to make up this list. Once I've done that, I'll phone to gather the information that I couldn't get from the sites and whoever did not reply to my e-mails requesting for the information I need.

I also participated in a two-day workshop through video conferencing. I was unable to go down to Sioux Lookout but I learned a lot from the video conference workshop. I did not understand some of the information being presented but my questions were answered through my co-workers who asked what I was going to ask.

Have a good weekend all.