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08 11 07 KM Cellular Business Plan Presentation in Fort Severn

KORI's Franz Seibel met with local tech Lyle Thomas and Business Manager, Mary-anne Thomas to discuss the KM Cellular Business Plan. Although the community is still in the construction phase, community members are anxious to get service. Lyle believes that the penetration rates used in the plan are realistic at 25-30%. Lyle is excited about KM supporting the E-Centre and network costs. See the photo. 

08 10 27 First Video Call for New Post First Nation

KOTM's Wesley Mckay worked with local tech Kevin to establish New Post's first video conference session. They are excited about connecting to upcomming education sessions and will participate this week. Wesley and KORI's Franz and Martina met the health director and executive secretary regarding the Site Assesment project. "We were having difficulty getting a hold of people at the clinic, but the video conference was a great chance to share the project and relay the informaton in a more personal way" says Seibel. Video Conferencing allowed KORI to reach the clinic in and build relationships as the researchers were able to chat about the community, health issues and provide a demonstration of the network in action.

08 09 18 Privacy Fundamentals

08 09 05 KO-NADF EcDev Workshop Series

We are excited to be working with NADF to provide a series of economic development workshops via video conference. Anyone is able to join. The first workshop "Basics of Business Planning" saw six participants North Spirit Lake, Dryden and Fort Severn connected. Marlon spoke to the components and importance of the business plan. The key message was the the business plan is a simple document used to evaluate the feasability of a business idea that any person interested in starting a business can write themselves. Malon helped take the mystery out of the plan and offered places people can look for help. The next session is "What is Credit Anyway?" Join in by V/C or online.

See the pics and KO EcDev website for the handout.

08 09 03 Keewaywin Chief and Council Meet at KORI

Chief Joe Meekis and Keewaywin Council visited the KORI office for meetings August 28th. It was great to see everyone and we hope they had a great stay with us at the Thunder Bay office.