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09 05 25 Accounting Training

KO Economic Development partnered with BDO Dunwoody and NADF to bring an "Introduction to Simply Accounting" course by video conference. Participants from Thunder Bay, Balmertown, Keewaywin and Fort Severn learned basics of the software and how to get started with setting up and managing their own records. The partnership provides ongoing training in the area of business and economic development open to everyone by video conference.

09 03 20 Lands and Resources Planning

KORI and KO Governance are supporting the KO communities with a joint project to build capacity and raise issues regarding lands & resources and duty to consult. The team met with leadership from Poplar Hill and Fort Severn to hear what the issues are and offer ideas regarding training for community meetings and interviews and GIS mapping. The MAA, INAC and MNR are funding various projects which will contribute to this community led work. Over the next few months there will be workers hired, training delivered and open video conference gatherings on various topics.

09 03 03 KO Visits Poplar Hill First Nation

KO's Franz Seibel and Donald Meekis traveled to Poplar Hill to meet with Chief King, councillor Suggashie and EDO Rita. We traveled the winteroad with MNDM's Mark Vermette. The council has lots of good ideas for development, some of which was discussed. Donald introduced the Relationship Fund Project with Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs which will train local workers in mapping and planning for government discussions. Franz introduced the INAC Engagement Project which will train local workers who will facilitate local discussions on duty-to-consult processes with government.


(09 02 03) Think North Online Event Coordinated by KO

NOHFC intern, Mark Kakegamic was on site to provide technical support for the Think North Summit Feb 3, 2009. There were over 300 delegates on site and 8-10 video conference sites were connected using K-Net and Contact North bridges. Although only one-way video and streaming was provided, the team managed to produce high quality video including powerpoints and handouts through the website. This event, hosted by MNDM, was a wonderful presentation to the Ministry of the potential of video conferencing. Jordan will be editing the archives for future viewing from the website.

(09 01 12) Mark Kakegamic Joins the KORI Team

Mark Kakegamic, a Keewaywin band member, was sucessful in competing for the NOHFC 1-year intern. The Intership is funded by NOHFC to help recent graduates gain experience and on the job training in the work force. Mark brings excellent writing and analytical skills to the job. He will be working with communities on proposals, reports and video conference training series.