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Videos Redux 08.07.30

I have made some modifications to several videos already posted online.  I found out the proper names of several people talking and also even corrected a few spelling errors in the navigation.  So I worked those out, and I've been looking around for other interesting ways to have the navigation easier.  I'm posting another video later today when/if it's done encoding.  Wish me luck...

Presenting: Kurry the Semi-Great!!! (29/07.2008)

I found out some good news yesterday.  I entered in a screenplay competition last year and didn't ultimately win.  But what I did find out was that I was very close to it.  Not 3rd or 4th, but rather I was a semi-finalist, ranking somewhere around 36th place.  But hey, it was out of approximately 1200 scripts entered.  It tells me I'm on the right track on my goals.  Especially when I have been questioning whether or not this is what I want to still keep doing.

Update on Kurry

Been editing more videos and making the constant little changes to the media player.  So far, Jordan's been improving the play day by day.   Each day he comes up with something else that has elevated the project further than I originally conceived.  He's been working on making getting the videos and information online easier.  Thus far it is.  There are still a few things needed, but it'll come with time.

I've been thinking about putting a little easter egg into the design, such as a little game if you find a secret button, but that may not be appropriate.  But more videos will be added, that showcases what the KORI office is often involved in.

Media Player Redux

Yesterday, I re-encoded several new videos and updated the KORI Media Player.  Also this morning, I redesigned the aforementioned Media Player for it to fit into the site's professional aesthetic.  Now it doesn't look like it was created by a child and his limited colour box of crayons.

Yet again, master master Jordan Sturgeon gave me a line of code, which kept me up last night until 3am worrying how to do it in a mere 2 seconds (if that), that resets the "Pause/Play" button everytime a new video is selected.

 Please check out the changes...


Getting Flashed by Kurry!!

With the assistance of Jordan Sturgeon, I've been working on designing a media player for the KORI website in Macromedia Flash. I've been working on this for the past week, and have gotten a rough working version that I'll redesign once I've figured out a few more things. I've got the media player playing the videos, but still need to figure out how to make the player semi-self updating. Jordan's helping me come up with encoding the player with an XML document whereby the player would work with the aforementioned XML document and update the play list without anyone having to update the player in Flash.


Instead all that would be needed is to update the XML file and the media player would update itself based on the XML player.


Oh, also I've gotten a few videos edited already that I'm still figuring out how to put on the website.