KORI Team Activities

09/08/2008 Community Economic Development

KORI hosted a video conference with PARO and CCEDNet, connecting them with community EDO's in Popular Hill, Deer Lake, and North Spirit Lake.  Information was exchanged about goals for community economic development (CED) and how video conferencing can be effective tool for communicating CED needs and issues.

End of the Summer (09-05-08)

Back to school for one of our summer students, wishing her all the best and going to miss having her around the office. She was a big help to us all. Thank Leona. Many thanks to Kurry as well, best of luck. My goal for this month is to complete the videos that requires editing for KOTM/KORI Mental Health. Learned a few new tricks over the summer but still learnig as I go and will be working with the guys along with those involved outside of KORI office. We also have started a series of workshops/education workshop with NADF (Business Topics) every Fridays at 10:00 EST out of the NADF office. 

Have a Great Weekend! 

08 09 03 Keewaywin Chief and Council Meet at KORI

Chief Joe Meekis and Keewaywin Council visited the KORI office for meetings August 28th. It was great to see everyone and we hope they had a great stay with us at the Thunder Bay office.

09/02/2008 Media Player Update

Added the following changes to the KORI media player; menu colors, counters, date formats, full screen mode, and url.


08/21/08 Community Economic Development

I presented information on community economic development through the video conference, felt very good to share all that valuable information.  Some topics were about Neechi Foods cooperative, youth engagement, youth in charge, social economy and how a community profile database would be useful for CED works.