KORI Team Activities

07/08/08 "Taxation: we have always had it—it’s called sharing.”

From the report: In Praise of Taxes


07/07/08 First week of July

The media player is coming along nice and slowly, I have successfully transferred video information from the database to the flash media player. Now I must figure out how the media player can sort the videos in the database.

Getting Flashed by Kurry!!

With the assistance of Jordan Sturgeon, I've been working on designing a media player for the KORI website in Macromedia Flash. I've been working on this for the past week, and have gotten a rough working version that I'll redesign once I've figured out a few more things. I've got the media player playing the videos, but still need to figure out how to make the player semi-self updating. Jordan's helping me come up with encoding the player with an XML document whereby the player would work with the aforementioned XML document and update the play list without anyone having to update the player in Flash.


Instead all that would be needed is to update the XML file and the media player would update itself based on the XML player.


Oh, also I've gotten a few videos edited already that I'm still figuring out how to put on the website.



July 3, 2008

Been a hectic week and not feeling 100%. Brian and Franz are/will be away on holidays and left me in charge of our new additional employees Jordan Sturgeon, Kurry Fiddler and Leona Rae but don't have authority so it's kinda of hard to get approval, etc. This week I am working on a few things that invlove finance and am always available if they need assistance.


(08 07 02) Time Flies

Summer has finally arrived and many of us are turning our attention
to vacations. Its an important time to reflect and consider what
we do well and where we need to improve. About six months ago, I
asked the KORI team to spend a couple of minutes each day doing on-line
journals. It seemed like a good idea at the time and it is a
critical tool to become more transparent and accountable to the
communities which we work for... After a short time, my entries become
shorter and shorter and suddlenly non-existent. Its critical that
I lead by example. Its equally important that the leaders and the
communities as well as the other managers know about the work that is
taking place at KORI.

As I complete this week and get ready
for vacation, I am pledging to document my work every day. I am
pledging 4 sentences each day. If I fail to fulfill this pledge,
I expect you to remind me!