KORI Team Activities

Summer Update - July 15, 2008

Everything thus far is going great, the summer students at KORI have done an amazing job. The video site that Kurry and Jordan are working on is coming along great...awesome job guys. Leona has been a great help within the office as well. We will be meeting every Wednesday to discuss the site and to create new ideas for the KORI site plus the project that we are working on. I have been working on the videos (series) plus other duties, so we are all busy and working hard. Jordan and Leona just completed their training/workshop last week, they were unable to attend so they participated through video conference. Keep up the awesome work...Martina  

Contact list - (08/07/14)

It is time for me to go home. I'm glad that I caught up on my hours, I got confused when we switched to summer hours. I do random things here at the office, to get some physical work in, such as making sure the place is tidy. It's my list that has been keeping me busy for the longest time. It's fun though, glad I got to work on that. Have a good night all.

Contact list and Video Conference (08/06/07 - 08/06/11)

Good afternoon !

I spent my week working on my contact list for my supervisor. I had difficulties downloading some particular programs that will assist me when the time comes to proof-read and finalize the data I have gathered from the various communities up north. I decided that it would be easier for me to browse through the websites provided by these First Nations to record the information required to make up this list. Once I've done that, I'll phone to gather the information that I couldn't get from the sites and whoever did not reply to my e-mails requesting for the information I need.

I also participated in a two-day workshop through video conferencing. I was unable to go down to Sioux Lookout but I learned a lot from the video conference workshop. I did not understand some of the information being presented but my questions were answered through my co-workers who asked what I was going to ask.

Have a good weekend all.

07/10/08 Video Conference Workshop

We joined the two day workshop held in Sioux Lookout through video conference, we covered topics about setting up video conference equipment, booking sessions and configuring polycom equipment. We finished off with a review of what we can do with drupal CMS, installing and adding content. good stuff.

Media Player Redux

Yesterday, I re-encoded several new videos and updated the KORI Media Player.  Also this morning, I redesigned the aforementioned Media Player for it to fit into the site's professional aesthetic.  Now it doesn't look like it was created by a child and his limited colour box of crayons.

Yet again, master master Jordan Sturgeon gave me a line of code, which kept me up last night until 3am worrying how to do it in a mere 2 seconds (if that), that resets the "Pause/Play" button everytime a new video is selected.

 Please check out the changes...