KORI Team Activities

Update on Kurry

Been editing more videos and making the constant little changes to the media player.  So far, Jordan's been improving the play day by day.   Each day he comes up with something else that has elevated the project further than I originally conceived.  He's been working on making getting the videos and information online easier.  Thus far it is.  There are still a few things needed, but it'll come with time.

I've been thinking about putting a little easter egg into the design, such as a little game if you find a secret button, but that may not be appropriate.  But more videos will be added, that showcases what the KORI office is often involved in.

Breeze Room Meeting and Contact list (08/07/21 - 08/07/23)

I am currently working on my list, I think it's coming along okay. I had some minor problems with it but nothing that I couldn't handle. One thing is for sure, being organized has definitely paid off.

I participated in a meeting yesterday with my co-workers who are in the YICT program, we were discussing how and where they are going to send equipment. Jordan and I will be responsible for setting up this new equipment here at the KORI office, the Matawa building and at the NAN office. We met with Rob Wesley from Matawa today and took pictures of where the equipment is going to be set up and discussed how we're going to do it.

Have a good evening all.

Working hard during the summer - July 23, 2008

All is well, everyone at KORI is working hard and keeping busy. Nothing really has changed, we're all working on the same projects plus some. Have a wonder day.

Website search - (08/07/15 - 08/07/18)

Hello all !!

My contact list is coming along fine, and I'm especially pleased to announce that one of my fellow co-workers helped me download a program similar to Word Excel but it's better. Haha. I have the communities listed in 3 categories, KO communities, NAN First Nations, and Other First Nations. There are a lot of communities !! This has been keeping me busy for a while now. I'm still gathering information from websites but I think I'll do some calling next week to confirm information that I gathered from the site and just to practice my note taking skills. Have a good weekend all !!

07/17/08 Media Player Application

the media player application uses php and mysql to store video information, ive been trying to get it onto drupal with some help from Kanina, Jesse, Kurry and Cal.  Drupal is quite new to me so its been easier with these people around to give their input.