KORI Team Activities

(20 08 08) Not 5, not 4, neither 2, but 3 NEW VIDEOS!!!

Continuing with showcasing the DERAC series, I have posted 3 new videos for the second session.  I've had to fight the computer from breaking down yet again, and have been faced with waiting for the computer to render out the videos.  Which have been taking more and more time.  These videos are getting challenging to edit mainly because there's so much good information in the videos, it's hard to select a portion of them.  These videos are designed to give you, the great people, a little taste of the sessions.  For the complete videos in the DERAC Sessions, please head on over to: http://meeting.knet.ca/moodle/course/view.php?id=20

(19 08 08) Not 2, not 3, neither 4, but 5 NEW VIDEOS!!!

My apologies for the tardiness of uploading videos, but last week my computer was under the weather.  A virus found its way onto it and I've spent a few days trying to get it well again, but alas, Jordon came to the rescue yet again.  So, I've mamaged to edit 5 new videos from the first session of the DERAC series and have added them to the KORI MEDIA Player.  They're listed under "EDUCATION" and have a look... http://research.knet.ca/?q=node/225

KO Education boardroom meeting (08/08/13 - 08/08/15)

Getting close to finishing my contact list. It's mainly the KO and NAN first Nations that Brian is more concerned about, the other communities can wait as I go down the list in alphabetical order.

I've been keeping busy for the past two days with the KO Education boardroom meeting. I was being a good hostess, and providing snacks and refreshments. I also helped them with anything they needed.

I posted pictures onto our website.

Have a good weekend !

Learning new things (08/08/08 - 08/08/12)

Franz has been asking me to think of things that I would like to learn more about before my time is up here at the K.O. Research Institute. I've been learning a lot of things in my time here, but I'd like to learn more about how to design websites. The two day workshop gave me some pointers on how to begin, it's just the action I need now. Franz suggested I contact either James or Brian Rae from North Spirit Lake for access to the North Spirit Lake Site, that would be awesome ! Updating the website for my community, it would be real cool.

Anyway, my contact list has been keeping me busy. I'm doing a combination of finding the information online or calling a variety of band offices. It's fun discovering how many communities there are and knowing what categories they fall into, KO, NAN, etc.

(08 08 14) KO staff participate in grand openning of Oshki website

Gordon Kakegamic unvealed the new Oshki website at the annual Keewaywin gathering of NAN Chiefs held in Constance Lake this week.  The new website was constructed using the best practices and lessons learned by KO's own web development initiatives.  Fernado Oliveria, a former KiHS teacher and facilitator of the Native Education platorm (NED.ca) was acknowledged for his work and dedication.  KO's Brian Beaton and Brian Walmark appeared via IP video conference as well as FedNor's Mike Beliveau.  Oshki's new website is more user friendly and will better serve students at the community level, according to Gordon Kakegamic.  To see photos, see the photogallery.